Men’s HUB Issue 016

Men’s HUB Issue 016

1st Jan 2020


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New Issue of Men’s HUB is in your hand. When we started Men’s HUB our focus was to create a platform for common men. During last 3 years we have seen many up and down’s but I am happy that after facing many up and down’s we are still publishing magazine.

The men’s HUB was an initiative to publish experience by common men, the objective will continue as main attractions of the magazine. Articles in Hindi or English shared by various readers as well as professional authors will be published. The articles can cover any resent incident event or experience of the readers. Although we are morally bound to stay with our main objective but to cover more areas we our-self limit to number or articles or number or pages. In any edition we limit our-self to cover 3 to 4 article in max 20 pages.

When readers are enjoying the issue we already entered in new year, so first of all I wish all the readers new year wishes, may the year bring all happiness to you and your near and dears. Almost everyone has decided few resolution for the year, but i would suggest to take two additional resolution from our side, one for yourself and one for society betterment. First one is ‘I will be happy does not matter what the circumstances are’. This will help you to come out from all of your problems and also help from health point of view. The second one ‘I will use my own mind before reacting to any circumstances’. Now this one will be helpful for society betterment. This will make sure that no one would be able to use you, any whatever you contribute to society that will be your own.

Most of us are already flooded with the new year wishes, Reply back to every single wish from the deepest of your heart, it does not matter if you reply today or after 10 days, but reply must be from heart. Once I was also part of crown who believe in reply, but in time found it is useless and waste of time to reply if your heart is not involved. Where who feel happy by sending such messages.

Just few days back when I was going home with friends one of the friend announced that you believe in ghosts (he was not asking but he was commenting). In reply i said you also believe. When he denied even he said even my daughter (9 or 10 year old) also do not believe. My reply was simple that you also believe in ghosts it is just you don’t know yet, and I promised that I will prove it soon. If I proved or not that is another story, I will share it but not today.

Today I want to point out that my friend claimed that he do not believe in ghosts he also claimed that his daughter also do not believe. Now the daughter is just 9 or 10 year old. Do you believe that 9 or 10 year old kid may be having a mind with enough thoughts ? I don’t thing if a kid below 10 year can have his own thoughts, but I believe he is just replica of parents or teachers thoughts. In other words I can say the kid do not believe in ghosts is not the right statement it should be like the kid is trained not to accept the existence of ghosts. Its not believe but it is just his mind is trained for denial.

Why this training is given to kids ? What if we teach the kids that ghost exist ? I believe there wont be any change both are training and parents or teacher are responsible for this training. Even they also don’t know why ghost do not exist, they also get training from someone. If we study literature from old age there are lot of stories of ghosts and other unknown creatures and people get trained to believe in ghosts, but with time our training changed and people start believing that denial from the existence of ghost promote a person a modern personality. So they start denying from the existence of ghosts and next generation get training for non-existence of ghosts.

Why I am talking about ghosts ? I am not talking about ghosts but I am talking about how out mind is trained but not educated, and how we start believing something without applying own mind. It has nothing to do with educated mind, it is out training. It is our training which tell us that we are society of bad peoples, Try to be educated not just trained during the year 2020 and see the beauty of individuals. You will find yourself amung a lot of good peoples. Yes you will find a lot of peoples with different habits, some of them you may like some other you may not like, but accept that they are different not bad. We are society of good people.

It is matter of trust, our society is training us for not to trust, they teach us the you are surrounded by bad peoples, they teach us that you are good men and other are bad people you need to stay away from them. The training is making us what we are today. Make a new year resolution that I will try to change myself.

2 + 2 = 4 it looks simple but do you know why 2 + 2 = 4 why it is not 5 ?

Yes there is mathematical proof but most of us don’t know even we never questioned our teacher. Our teacher told us 2 + 2 = 4 and we memorized it. That is what happening with our society we are not educated but we are trained to believe that we are society of bad peoples. Come out of this training and educate yourself.

This New Year has meaning only if we change. If we are same the nothing matter if the year change or month.

Happy New Year



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