Men’s HUB Issue 009

Men’s HUB Issue 009






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Main Attractions

The men’s HUB was an initiative to publish experience by common men, the objective will continue as main attractions of the magazine. Articles shared by various readers as well as professional authours will be published, language can be either hindi or english. The articles can cover any resent incident event or experience of the readers. Although we are morally bound to stay with our main abjective but to cover more areas we ourself limit to number or articles or number or pages. In any edition we limit ourself to cover 3 to 4 article in max 20 pages.

Keshav & Sharma

Keshav & Sharma is a cartoon series originally started by Daaman Welfare Society with the help of Volunteers. Mr. Diljeet & Mr. Anupam Dubey are main artists of the series and the scripts is written by volunteers. Keshav & Sharma are two main chracters reprsenting out societie’s biased against men. There are many more chracters with these two leading chracters. Every issue now onward will cover at-least 2 scripts and 1 graphic representation of Keshav & Sharma.

Men’s Panchtantra

The section is newly introduced section. In this section volunteers will try to rise men’s issue they face in daily life with the help of animals. Animals will be used as representatives. Every issue will cover atleast one of such story.

An Important Person

The section will cover a special person irrespective of male or female working in society for the betterment of Men or he can be just a normal men well aware of issues faced by men in daily life. The current issue may be covering Mr. Upendra Dhull

Special Coverage

This section is introductory section to tell about something special. The section will be in slides format and will cover important points in brief, we wont go into detail but we will try to cover the important facts about the topic and also we will try to speak about the source of the fact. This issue we are talking about Father & Kid relations.

Inspirational Story

An inspirationa story for the betterment of men which can motivate men to fight for their rights and justice.  Social Media      This section is to cover various activities by various NGO working for men on social media. This won’t be a seprate section but will be intigral part of other topics.



  1. Law News

  2. Crime News

  3. Suicide Timeline

  4. Progress Report

  5. Keshav & Sharma ji

  6. Special Coverage : Father & Kids

  7. Bollywood & Rape

  8. Maharastra 1st State Meet

  9. The Hunt is on Again

  10. K & S : Legal Cruelty

  11. Demand of National Men’s Commission

  12. K & S : Adventurous Sex

  13. Calender 2018

  14. Men’s Panchtantra : हाथी हथनी और वैवाहिक बलात्कार

  15. The Land of Kings

  16. After G-War