Men’s HUB 020

Men’s HUB Issue 020

1st Jan 2021








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Issue 20th of Men’s HUB is in your hand. If you did not notice I would like to inform you that the domain name (website url) which we were using earlier is no longer in use, we already shifted to a new domain

Men’s Hub was started with a solo motive to provide a platform for everyone, everyone including professional as well as non-professional writers. During the last 4 years we have seen many changes, some of them for good reason. One of the major changes was url shifting. Now we have shifted to a new url with full strength.

The men’s HUB was an initiative to encourage a common man to share his experience without thinking about his capabilities. With a large number of new writers coming forward to share their experience, we can say we are doing good as long as our target is common men. Articles in Hindi or English shared by various readers as well as professional authors are published in present issue. These articles covered various aspects of life including corona. Although we are morally bound to stay with our main objective but to cover more areas we our-self limit to number or articles or number or pages. In any edition we limit our-self to cover 3 to 4 articles in max 20 pages.

This is the first issue of the year 2021. For the past many months the world is facing a crisis created by corona and we hope to come out of this crisis soon. Meanwhile we need to learn how to stay healthy with corona. Almost everyone has decided few resolutions for the year 2020, because of corona it may be possible that some resolutions are difficult to achieve, now it is time to set new resolutions. This time keep in mind that crisis is still there. Hope everyone has reshaped their resolutions for the year 2020, make sure resolutions for 2021 are set in a way that reshaping is not required.

Corona attacks humanity with full strength and we need to fight back, but we also need to remember corona is just one aspect of life. It’s not life we have many things to do. During the last few months we were having a lot of free time. How to spend time was our choice. Most of us spend a lot of time on social media and during those few months few things like corona, labour, india-china relations, vikas dubey encounter, agriculture bill, economy, job loss etc  are major issues in discussion. Corona is part of life we can not ignore, but we can learn living with corona till we get a final solution: a safe medicine and waxine.

The end of year 2020 was not a silent one. Protests against agricultural bills are on high and many farmers are protesting at the Delhi border. Many people are supporting the protest and many are opposing. There are people on social media who call these protesting people anti-nationalist or terrorists or something similar. What I know is they are using their fundamental right to protest, they are not violating our constitution. They can be anything but not terrorists, their protest itself is the proof. Govt and SC of India allow them to protest. What will be the outcome, I don’t care what I care about is their protest is a reminder that we are living in democracy. 



Happy New Year



1 Law News 4
2 Happy New Year 7
3 MRM – Progress Report 020 : Representation of India based International Men’s Rights Group on proposed law against alleged Women Harassment arising out of issues like Dowry abuse, in Australia. 8
4 CORONA SURVIVAL GUIDE – Winning against Corona within a Week 13
5 A Man can have many children, but a Child can only have one Father! Allow the Child, his Father. 19
6 Change With Changing Society 23
7 Mera Paisa 30
9 Keshav & Sharma – Property Rights 31

Keshav & Sharma : Single Parenting

10 My Choice 40
11 Year 2021 42

समय का पहिया

13 Men’s Panchtantra – कार का जादूगर 56
14 भोली भाली सी एक लड़की 58
15 दुआ 63
16 आजाद परिंदा – बुजुर्ग 64

वो आ रही है : 01 वो आ रही है

18 आजाद परिंदा – Missed Call 64
19 Keshav & Sharma : परेशान पिता 85
20 सम्राट – धुंध 87
21 सोच अपनी अपनी 90
22 गैरजिम्मेदार 91
23 M – Guru : Ramdhari Singh Dinkar