Men’s HUB – 019

Men’s HUB Issue 019

1st Oct 2020






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Issue 19th of Men’s HUB is in your hand. If you did not notice I would like to inform you that the domain name (website url) which we were using earlier is no longer in use, we already shifted to a new domain

Men’s Hub was started with a solo motive to provide a platform for everyone, everyone including professional as well as non-professional writers. During the last 4 years we have seen many changes, some of them for good reason. One of the major change was url shifting. Now we have shifted to new url with full strength.

The men’s HUB was an initiative to encourage a common men to share his experience without thinking about his capabilities. With a large number of new writers coming forward to share their experience, we can say we are doing good as long as our target is common men. Articles in Hindi or English shared by various readers as well as professional authors are published in present issue. These articles covered various aspects of life including corona. Although we are morally bound to stay with our main objective but to cover more areas we our-self limit to number or articles or number or pages. In any edition we limit our-self to cover 3 to 4 article in max 20 pages.

This is the last issue of the year 2020. From past many months the world is facing a crisis created by corona and we hope to come out of this crisis soon. Meanwhile we need to learn how to stay healthy with corona. Almost everyone has decided few resolutions for the year 2020, because of corona it may be possible that some resolutions are difficult to achieve, but we get more free time so we can do more and better. Hope everyone has reshaped their resolutions. Very soon the year will change and we will be deciding new resolutions, this time we are experienced and we can set our resolution in a better way to accommodate corona effects.

Corona attacks humanity with full strength and we need to fight back, but we also need to remember corona is just one aspect of life. It’s not life we have many things to do. During the last few months we were having a lot of free time. How to spend time was our choice. Most of us spend a lot of time on social media and during those few months few things like corona, labour, india-china relations, vikas dubey encounter, agriculture bill, economy, job loss etc  are major issues in discussion. Corona is part of life we can not ignore, but we can learn living with corona till we get a final solution: a safe medicine and waxine.


Stay safe stay healthy.




1 Law News 4
2 Crime News 7
3 Welcome Corona 11
4 MRM – Progress Report 019 15
5 How About A Leftlst Men’s Right Movement 18
6 Father Property Equal Rights & Detonating Relationships for TRP 20
7 NCRB – Suicides: India Lost 97613 sons in 2019 24
8 मैं सक्षम नारी, तू क्यों बेचारी 28
9 Raja Rani – Suicide 33
10 Keshav & Sharma – Property Rights 39
11 Raja Rani – Crime & Punishment 44
12 Special Coverage – Suicide 48
13 मैं नवयुगीन सीता 58
14 Men’s Panchtantra – Majboor 59
15 लेखक 67
16 M-Guru : Sir Don Bradman 69
17 आजाद परिंदा – आत्मनिर्भर 70
18 Keshav & Sharma – Samaj Sewak 71
19 पागल – बंदूक सिंह 77
20 सम्राट – धुंध 86