An open letter to false case fillers

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An open letter to false case fillers

Dr. Raman Chalana


Dear false Case fillers, please understand the Situation of the Judiciary, the Accused, the Financial status of the accused, and the law written in the book not told by your lawyers, or half-knowledgeable friend/ relative.

If you are constantly surrounded by people who claim that you are a woman and you can accuse someone very easily and xyz is written in the law, look bro Our Constitution is the biggest in the world & our law was woven by rulers, not by our citizens, to rule on us the unethical way, they had made every possible loophole to escape them (literate gore) but not for illiterate Janta, If you want to use these laws against anyone, Confirm 1000 times that if you think whom you are accusing is illiterate or very suppressed human who doesn’t even have access to Internet or law books in this time because you are trying to misuse 1860’s laws.

Now it’s 2023, and the accused has all the rights, knowing that how to defend himself. They can destroy your false accusation within hours, but the System including the Police, lawyers, and Court takes a long time to hear because of the conventional process, the self-oriented man can compromise but on the other hand self-made man or man with Self-esteem on scale ab 100/100 will Confront you in Court and then You will have no choice right/ left to accept the truth and no one can defend you on basis of your false Story which your family/police/ advocate, had created but Court & Constitution, other legal institution will not entertain you like you were entertained by your family, police,  advocate. Whenever the matter will be heard by higher & responsible authorities they will find your false accusations and take them seriously as the accused had survived your false claims without losing patience for 3-4 years or losing his life in such an adverse situation, and you have to face consequences in either form. So whenever you are high at your Gender / Social Status / Economic Status, Remember one last thing.

Sher Ko Sawa Sher Milta Hai…..