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I Live


I am independent, need hard work to earn, which is essensial part of my life. After hard work for 6 days, what I get as reward is 24 hour for myself, without any intruption. These 24 hours are completlty mine, noone can take it away. Really?

This weekoff day, I decided to sit at home and watch TV as long as possible. As soon as I switched on TV, there I saw a good movie. Story line is simple, even very simple still a hit. In the end Actor/Hero of the movie get lot of injuries/blood, all this for a girl, only for a girl. Its just a movie.

Next movie, more or less same story line, in the end hero die just for a girl. Another movie same end. Boaring!!

Decided not to waste my 24 hour, changed channel this time decide to watch an english movie. Really a good movie lot of good action sequences. End is more or less same, actor get lot of injuries while protecting actress.

Finally decided to switch off TV. Now I get time to think what it was. Is it movie world? If it is just an imagenary world, where from all this shit came? Is it just a mind or in real life too same is happening, I mean men sacrifying for women.

Refresing memories, when I was watching movies, changing TV Channels, my friend Rakes (name changed) was waiting on road for his sister to comes out from beauty parlour. Another friend Rohit (name changed) was driving 100 km to drop his sister-in-law to a marriage palace, where she will spend couple of hour, while Rohit will be forced to stay there because his sister-in-law need a driver to came back. Another friend Ganesh (name changed) Travelling in a train to drop his wife to her parents, with next train he has to come back. After 15 days he will travell the same traing to get her back. Another friend Mahesh (name changed) … …. …. Another friend Mohit (name changed) … … … Another friend (name changed) … … …

First question arise How I know all this?
Second question arise what these men doing?

Answering first question is simple, it is their every weekends routine job, so I know where everyone is, and what he is doing.

Answering second question is quite complicated. It’s complicated not because I don’t understand but because people don’t want to understand.

Here the friend I am taking about are my childhood friends, we grow up in the same colony, we stared our life togather, we know each other very well. Friends doing the same kind of job I am doing, they spend 6 days on work and get 24 hour for their own. I am spending these 24 hour to live as I like, but unfortunatly other three are not lucky enough. They are spending 6 days on work so that their dependent can live a luxary life, and remaining 24 hour they are spending with someone, not for self but to facilitate others. Where is their own life? When they live for themselves?

One day I asked the same question from Rohit (name changed), he tried to answer but could not convince me, even he was not convincing for himself.

Leave the everydays coras, I suggested to visit some remote place for a few days, Just four of us. Everyone except me was having some busy shedule, surprisingly in their busy schedule there was no time for themselves in their busy schedule, all three were busy because someones relative (specially women relatives) need to finish something and friends need to help them.

Where goes there own life? Why these friends can’t say NO to women relatives? Why these friends saying NO to their own life, to surve someone?

Is this a story of 3 friends? I think no, its a story of 51 % of Indians. They just living like slave, unfortunatly they find it suitable as well as their destiny.

I may be wrong but I am not able to understand why men born, to surve women or to LIVE?