I Fear

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Watching Discovery Channel, where a lion is trying to kill a deer. Probably kill is not the right word, lion is just trying to get food for own survival. Deer is part of food chain for lion, its natural. I don’t have any problem with that, but when I see in the eyes of dear, what I see is fear. Again its natural, fear is natural for dear when facing lion. Lion is also not free from fear. Fear is one of the emotion or reaction given by Nature or God. It apply on human more precisely Men also.

Today when I start thinking about a men, what he see and what he face in every moment of his life, what I remember is a small incident from my childhood. Although the incident is of little importance, so little that most person involved into the incident may not remember, even I can’t recall every part of incident, still I would like to share whatever I remember.

It was winter afternoon, I was back from school, suddenly ladies from nearby house came out shouting that someone jumped on the roof of their house. These ladies fear it is ghost. Anyway it was office hour no men was at home, so a couple of men were called from nearby shops and they searched entire house. As expected no-one was there. That evening these ladies spend in our house, till people came back from work. Late night again there was some problem in that house, most ladies were out and most men from the house were searching their own house as well as nearby houses. Next morning a couple of people were talking about the incident and a few reported the existence of a men in their house in white dress, A GHOST.

Now the incident has little importance, it does not matter if ghost exist or not, it does not matter if reported ghost in white dress was really witnessed or not, it does not matter if such incident reported again or not, but what really matter is who searched the house, who investigated the matter. Both the time when a ghost was reported by neighbor ladies MEN was called. All ladies just waiting outside till the line was cleared by MEN.

These ladies didn’t entered into the house because they fear from unknown, same time expecting men to enter and remove the reason behind fear. The similar situation most of us has witnessed in own life, most time men come forward to remove the cause of fear.

Does that mean men is fearless ?

I consider the situation very differently, men is fearful just like any other living being on earth. Sometime he hide his fear because he has no option, but most of the time he hide his fear to impress someone.

Society or specifically members of our society can’t protect themselves. They need someone to protect them, as a protector they find a fearless men. Society is not ready to accept the fact that a men also fear from something, society need a fearless men who can fight and die to protect them. Unfortunately men also follow the same path blindly, he just deny the existence of fear to prove his manhood. Most of time men don’t accept the fact that he FEAR just because he am Men. But I can’t ignore the fact that I FEAR doesn’t matter if I hide it, doesn’t matter if I deny it, somewhere deep indie we all fear from something, and society need to understand and accept it one day. We can’t live just to protect, we have a beautiful life waiting for us.