I Don’t Fight to Protect

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I Don’t Fight to Protect

Just 3 year ago I met an unknown person, he came to me with his problem. For around 1 year he was active enough. With time he came out of the mesh and got a stable life.

Where is he now ?

I don’t even know.

Sunday, A Nice day to rest. As usual I was trying to sleep. Suddenly I get disturbed by ping-ping. It was just #WhatsAPP message, which I choose to ignore.

After a couple of hours, I read the message, just Hi from an old friend. Old but not forgotten, yes we meet rarely now, but still live in memories. After a casual hi hello and other formalities, he directly came to the point.

Around one year back he sent one marriage proposal of well educated and working women. Good enough. That time I just ignored it, and didn’t even reply back. No I am not saying I didn’t reply back, I am saying I didn’t reply to anything about the proposal. I choose the best way (mute) to answer.

Probably he didn’t understand the language of silence and asking again. This time I choose to say NO loud enough. Hope the situation won’t be back again.

Well my point is not about marriage proposals or yes or no, but I didn’t understand : she is a well educated and working woman, why is she still unmarried even after one year. Why didn’t she get married with an unemployed man or maybe a less earning man, there are lakhs of good men (by nature men are good, except a few like me). Sorry again entering the wrong cabin, where I am not allowed. It is #HerChoice to get married with earning men (may be rich enough, who can pay her). No comment on #HerChoice or #HerVoice.

But I just wanted to indicate the wording by which my friend tried to convince me. looks like we are just born to marry & kids. A role of #Protector.

I am just losing track, just like almost everyone. Today I can see a lot of brothers fighting for justice, calling themselves MRA. Good to see them, read them, and meet them. But I never understand why they always talk about Family Protection (not all but most). I can see them discussing why the family system in India is broken, interestingly they find the answer in well established reasons like TV Serials, Films, Mobiles etc.

No I am not against them, but I never understand how family protection is related to #MensRight ? Oh yes family is centre of Indian Society, but if Family can protect #MensRight, Indian History would not rise on Dead bodies of men. Looks like Men’s Rights Movement in India is turning into #ProtectFamily Movement. May be people joining #MensRight movement are not getting proper education and they are confused between #SaveFamily & #MensRight. Their ultimate aim is turned into #SaveFamily.

They are playing the role of #Protector. Looks like they #Born to protect, just to protect, not to live like #Men. Once these people come out of mesh, they get a stable life/family, their aim is over and we won’t see them again.

I just wanted to say these people. Excuse me, I don’t fight for family protection. Family is nothing but a tool to  harass men. I wanted to live like Men and for that I need My Rights back.