3 Idiots

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3 Idiots


Have you seen this movie ?

Yes I am talking about the movie ‘3 Idiots’. It’s really a good movie. I am not very fond of movies, even in my 50 years of life I have seen only 15 to 20 movies, that means around 1 movie in 1.5 year. No it is not about my liking or disliking, I just can not sit and watch anything for more than 3 hours. Still there are few movies I watch whenever I get the chance. 3 Idiots is one of them.

Normally I don’t care if the movie is about passing a message of its just for timepass, but 3 Idiots is not just for time pass. It is a message. Personally I feel everyone should watch at-least once. It tells us about the education system and where it fails. Yes we need revolution in education but I am not concerned about the education system, my concern is about one single point which people won’t see or if they see they choose to ignore.

I have seen the movie a couple of times including last night. Even though I slept late to watch the movie, I really like it.

What I like is not Aamir khan but the director of imperial college. He is a kind of bad man in grey shades !!

What I observe is he is not a bad man but motivated toward a specific goal even so motivated that he thinks all others are wrong. But what I wanted to say is he changed himself. Yes he changes himself when he SUFFER. He could change anytime because he was capable of accepting the change but he changed when he suffered. When he know his OWN SON committed suicide when HIS OWN DAUGHTER don’t get proper medical attention because of natural reasons. He chose to change after suffering only.

In short the movie also teaches us about the conditions when a man or human can change himself or can change the way he thinks when he himself or his near dear suffer.

The same happened with me. I can remember, just 6 year back a simple news about rape or dowry was enough for me to declare men guilty, without knowing the truth. But I changed once I suffered. Almost everyone (not all but almost) face the situation, then only choose to change.

What should we do ?

Can we change Mr. X by our arguments ?

Maybe but more chances are Mr. X will change when he suffers himself.

For the best of Men & Men’sRight or just greater good


May God Bless Men & His Family with cases of Rape / Dowry / Marital Rape / Domestic Violence /Adultry etc.