M-Guru : LTE vs VoLTE

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LTE – Long Term Evolution

VoLTE – Voice Over Long Term Evolution


LTE is a short form of ‘Long Term Evolution’ also known as 4G. In India Airtel started 4G (LTE) service for the first time in 2012. You can enjoy the high speed broadband services with LTE technology. Usually 100MBPS data speed for download and 50 MBPS speed for upload can be achieved with the help of LTE but when receiving a call the internet connectivity gets blocked. Which means 4G or LTE services work only when the smartphone is not in use. 

VoLTE is a short form of ‘Voice Over Long Term Evolution’. In India Reliance Joi started VoLTE service in 2016. You can enjoy high speed internet services with VoLTE service just like a 4G network. VoLTE is capable of providing voice call services along with data services, which means you can access data when you are receiving a call, which is not possible with LTE services.

VoLTE is better the LTE for internet speed, connectivity, battery life and call setup etc.