Progress Report 018

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Progress Report 018



Progress Report of Corona Times


    Am glad that this is the eighteenth edition of the Men’s Hub! At the same time, it disappoints even to think that this is the second edition while the world is still engulfed in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Even though the ‘complete lockdown’ has been withdrawn and activities are opening up, it’s hard to find proper functioning around, except a few places.

Often we say that due to lack of time I couldn’t do this or that. One thought at least we don’t want in a post coronavirus era is “I had so much time and could have accomplished so many things! Where did all that time go?”!

With this very motivation during the period when on-ground physical activities of the movement are deferred, it appeared as an opportunity to take up tasks which otherwise have been pending since long due to lack of time. Therefore the whole of our efforts went in for the same.

During this time, we engaged in content creation in the form of various blogs on various topics, including men’s health, all of which are available on our website

We also started and published a few stories in our new series ‘Raja-Rani’! The series specifically highlighting the discriminatory social treatment based on the gender on the various issue coming under the purview of gender-politics on normal routine life.

Considering that the usage of WhatsApp has deeply penetrated the discussions within the movement and realizing the inability of general victims not directly connected with the movement due to various reasons, we also started a free to join ‘Men’s Forum’ on our website to encourage open discussions on issues that relate men’s cause. Discussions within and beyond laws and court cases!

We initiated #PurushPaksh – an attempt to understand and document the issues that affect men. In the first four-part series, we interviewed a few renowned Men’s Rights Activists of the country and unravelled the journey so far. From the start of the movement to the challenges and the roadblocks that hit the work, reminisced with the people who have given their life & blood to the cause. The journey so far shines with small achievements and leaves a lot to be done ahead. The activists we interviewed shared their thoughts on the past, present and the future of the MRM.

This is all we could do sitting at homes due to Coronavirus. Written this report praying by heart that pandemic gets vanished before our next issue!