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Covid-19 Corona is well known now a days. Corona is another name of terror. We are locked down. Almost entire world is locked down. Many thausands are dead, much more are infacted. And the worst part is we still don’t have treatment.

People dying, they are locked inside without proper food supply. They are not having proper arrangements for transports, although people suppose not to be travelling but unfortunatly they don’t have option. It is easy to say sit at home, but when it come to reality people die. Sometime it become the matter of choice if one wanted to be dead because of virus or because of hunger.

Overall corona is bad thing happening to the world. Not just to india but the entire world is facing bad thing. The only solution i see is ‘face the threat togather’.

Corona is bad virus, but a few good things also happened because of corona crisis. Nature is healing because of corona. Here are few things happened :

  • Ozoon lawyer protect us from UV rays. The layer was breaking, now it has started healing.
  • Water in various river is becoming polution free or atleast less poluted.
  • Various alimals are returning back for example endangered sea turtles hatch on Brazil’s deserted beaches.
  • Air is less poluted.

The nature is healing itself, we also can do a lot of things to heal our helth as well as social helath. Although the list is endless but I would list just a few. We are locked down, we are not allowed to go out, and now we have enough time for ourself. For own betterement we can make the following changes :

  • Reading Books – We can reshape our habits and start reading good books to gain the knowledge.
  • Music – Listen legend’s music. The classical music is lost in the era of modern music, it is time to reopen our old folders and enjoy classical music. It definatly going to improve our mental health.
  • Yoga – Yoga is something which was lost, but fortunatly it comes back during last 10 years. Now we have sufficient time to make it part of our daily life to improve the physical health.
  • Cleaning : We can fight the virus with proper cleaning habits. Right now we are forced to adopt, but we can make is our routeen and stay healthy.

Apart from personal life a lot can be contributed to society. During last 30-40 years we have lost neighbours. I have seen time when people staying in neighbour were more important then relatives. With progress we lost this relation. Now a days we are living in society but the relation between members is minimal. Now we have sufficient time to improve the relation. Although we need to make proper social distancing but the following can be done :

  • we are locked and our neighbours are also locked. There may be a shortage of supply. Sharing supply with neighbours may help in improving social health.
  • There are many around us, some of them may not be able to get proper food because of many reason. We can share our food with such people.
  • There are many animals around us. They also need food and water.

Soon corona will go back but important thing is Nature get time to heal and doing it best, we also get time but it is our choice either to heal ourself or return back to old life.