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The More a Man Does in the Home, the Higher the Divorce Rate


A report from Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Science suggest that traditional way of living is more successfull as long as we are talking about marriage and staying togather.

If couple living in traditional way where husband and wife divide housework and husband take the responsiblity of earning while wife take responsiblity of childcare, researcher found there are more chances for the couple to stay togather. And if couple living in non-traditional way where housework is not divided between them chances are their marriage will end soon.

The research was focused to see the how couple divide the housework and childcare throughout various stages of life. The study was performed by involved nearly 20000 men and women aged 18 to 79.

The results showed 65 percent of couples equally or near-equally divided childcare, but not housework: Women reported doing all or almost all of the work in 11 percent of couples and “somewhat more of the work” in 60 percent of couples. About 25 percent of couples divided the work more equally, with younger couples, childless couples, and couples where the woman had a full-time job among those more likely to split domestic chores.

Researchers did not find an association between a traditional share of housework (women do most of the work) and a lower risk of divorce — but they did report untraditional couples had a greater risk for divorce. Men who did as much or more of the housework were more likely to get divorced than couples where the woman did most of the housework over a period of four years.

The more a man does in the home, the higher the divorce rate

Thomas Hansen

Co-author of the study entitled

Gender Equality At Home