M-Net : Network for Men

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M-Net : Network for Men

M-Net : M-Net is newly launched tool for creating local communities. We are happy to announce that men’s hub team provide a platform for launching the tool.

M Net is a profile manager which can be used to create local communities. For example If I register as a member tool shows me the list of another profiles in the same state I live.

It also shows about other members profession as well as their hobbies. If a need someone for a specific task, the tool can tell me who is available professionally as well as volunteer. Once I get service from a specific person tool allow me to rate the person, which means other people know who gives better service.

There are other tools on the same concept. Then how M-Net is different ?

The concept behind the tool make it different. The idea behind the tool was to create a platform which can create communities for managing our own activities. In other words we can say the tool provide us a method to rate a person based on his participation in various activities. It also provide ways to ensure the presence of member during certain activities.

Tool not only provide a method to rate a member based on his performance for a task, but the tool also provide a method to rate a member for his contribution for the society. That means contribution of a member is directly linked with his professional life.

The tool not just create local communities, but it also provide many extensions. For example :

Appointments : The tool provide method to save appointments/court dates / journey dates or any other form of meetings. This work like a court diary where you can store dates for various cases. Present version don’t give a reminder but in future we have plans for expansion.


Blogs : The tool give option to write blogs with and share with other users. The blog has two security option, it can be either public (can be seen by any user) or private (can be seen by only writer). Present version do not have option to share with specific user or specific community but we have plans for expansion.

Document : With the tool user can upload PDF files with public or private security. This help us for sharing documents like judgments or eBooks within community.

Expense Manager : The tool give an option to store various expenses. For example a user can store all of his expenses during court dates.

Album : Tool provide option to create and share photo albums. User can create album for personal use in private mode and can create album in public mode for sharing.

Music : Tool has option to create album for various music (audio or video) files for personal entertainment in private mode or for sharing within community in public mode.

The tool ensure the security of data by advance encryption methods. Not all but sensitive information is encrypted.