The Watching DOG : Lady Judge

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महिला जज अपना भरण पोषण करने में असक्षम कैसे है ?

पति जज, पत्नी जज, फिर महिला जज को गुजारा भत्ता ही क्यों ? किस प्रकार से असक्षम है महिला ? कानून को दोहन और उत्पीड़न का साधन बना दिया है।

How media spread false naratives can be seen easily in this news article. The lady they refer is a judge, husband is also a judge. But media don’t give this information. They reprsent a judge like she is not able to earn and husband is not paying.

Although the order given by court can not be correct, looks like the order is also based on assumption that a lady judge need to be mainteined by husband. We are not rising question on the order because that should be dont in upper court.

But the news article failed to inform society that lady is also a judge, that means media want to promote husband/men as a cruel men and lady as dependent even if she is a judge.

Media wont rise a question on the petition filled by lady judge. Why a lady judge need to be maintenaied by husband ?

Even if she need to be maintained why she is on this post because if a lady judge is not capable enough to maintain herself then how she can serve justice ?