Men is Men and They Will be Hunted Down Sooner or Later

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11th SIF – National meet 2019 was organized by GEO, Nagpur. I was there as a member of Daaman Welfare Society & Trust, Kanpur. This was my 3rd national meet, before Nagpur I attended Mumbai & Hyderabad national meet too. During the meet the experience was warm & heart touching.

The SIF National Meet not only provide me a chance to meet many new peoples but also give me a chance to understand the cause behind the SIF movement

Listing all the knowledge & learning which I get from meet is next to impossible but I would try to list a few important ones.

Many of us know that SIF does not accept the funded model, the reason may not be known to many activists. During the meet we came to know that it is not because we don’t like it but it be because SIF learnt from other’s experience. SIF started with an ideology. The idea of SIF as a movement was finalized after studying the experiences of various movements around the world.

Almost 40+ Ngo & Trusts working for Men & Men’s Rights, A cross section of the society thinks that SIF & Mens Right movement hates women. This was also the typical perception of the journalists during the meet it was clarified in a beautiful way. It is clear that starting NGO dedicated for men is not to hate women. Even if someone believes it that way then the reverse should also be true. NGO with women oriented agenda are more in numbers, possibly running in lakhs. If the same thought is applied one can imagine the magnitude of hate that women do spread against men?

One of the activist shared his experienced that when he asked about IPC 498A in a group of boy & girls, outcome was shocking. All girls knew and none of the boys knew about it. The fact itself shows that how much education is required for men. More important why it is happening that women know about 498a & men not aware of it. My personal feeling is society want it like this only. And my thoughts confirmed by one of outsider when he asked that ‘You don’t want men to marry ?’ The question itself clear the demand of society from men. Society is clear about the danger associated with ipc 498a. Society know that the weapon is nothing but a men killer weapon and if men know about the weapon they won’t marry anymore. Society want men to marry even if they need to hide the danger for men. Society is anti male they don’t want men they need men as a labour to run the society.

We also learn about the ‘litigant diary’. Litigant diary is nothing but a way to do the things in a proper way. During trial to keep record of all the incidents / dates / expenses etc litigant diary is useful. This not only help us to remember the case but also going to help once we win the case.

We also came to know about the insensitivity of government toward men. An example can be taken from recent Triple Talak Bill which was passed to convert a civil dispute into criminal trial. But more important is that government shared few data (approximately 300 cases after SC’s judgment against instant Triple Talak) in The Parliament. This was done to establish that Triple Talak is a danger and still is use. One of the activists shared more then 1100 cases with journalist to show that during the same period 1100+ men killed by wife/girlfriend etc. Still the government didn’t take any notice and there is no law against it. Even in most of the cases FIR was not taken. The list of men who were killed contained men from all walks of society including IAS/IPS/Judge etc. This not only show the govt’s insensitivity for giving justice to men but also tell us that men is men and they will be hunted down sooner or later, no matter what his position is.

The best part which I learn was the teaching how to fight if trapped in a case. The major ingredient is ‘enjoyment’. Enjoy every stage of trial because criminal case is not just about law/rulings/judgment which cover just a small fraction of life. Major part of Life is still there waiting to be lived.

Apart from fighting cases a broad picture of men’s right was also shared which include health, finance, human rights, constitutional rights etc.

Misandry is major problem. This is spreading in our everyday social life and something which we tried to understand. Knowingly or unknowingly we spread misandry everyday, but we should come out of it as soon as possible.

Finance was another issues which was covered during the meet. People know how to get funds for the activities and they shared their ideas about how it can be implemented.

Prize distribution was also there to encourage the participants.

Question rise is the meet is all about men ? Is the meet organized to discuss only serious issues ?

No meet is not just about the serious discussion but it is also about enjoying the presence of other fellows. That’s why organizers arrange the meet at a decent hotel where most of entertaining facilities like pool, good restaurant, cinema nearby, wine on order facilities also available. Attendee not only can meet new fellows but also can learn about the culture from various part of country. Building new relations and getting knowledge about various part of country was additional information which one can get during the meet.

Overall the meet not only inspired everyone to fight for their rights but also left a mark on society. It may possible that society take some time to recognize men’s right but I am sure that they can not be ignore for long time.


When Injustice become Law Resistance Become Duty.