Men’s Panchtantra : Why Love & Arrange Marriage fail

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Men’s Panchtantra

Why Love & Arrange Marriage fail


Once marriage was a relation for 7 births today marriage if it worked for 1 birth that only means boy was lucky enough. Why boy was lucky, is not it about girl ? Yes it is more about boy because boy loose almost everything if marriage failed.

Marriage is marriage it does not matter if it is Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage. Both marriage fail and there are chances that both may be successfull too. Today we see a lot of failed marriage soon the failed marrige will be more. There are many reasons behind a failed marriage. Although unlimited number of reasons can be counted but most common reasons can be noticed from discussing with different peoples.

Here are few examples taken from social media :

Marriage is a Business : Indian Marriage has turned into a business transaction these days and some people are chapter and verse with the requirements of this business.

Too much of expectation irrespactive of what her daughter is : A typical Indian father, blessed with a beautiful daughter, who is old enough to get married as per our society standards. Father is swamped now a days in search of a suitable match for his daughter. He is primarily looking for these two major characteristics in his future Son-in-Law. The prospective groom must possess his own home. He should be endowed with a consistent cash flow (Predominantly a Government Job or An Established Business). In addition, he wants his son-in-law to comes of a reputed family, maintain a nice social circle, no unhealthy practices etc. etc. Nevertheless, a house and a secured future are the intrinsic needs.

High and unrealistic expectation : My cousin is working as a software engineer in a very small company that is not so famous and so he was earning a decent salary neither high nor low. This girl wanted him to surprise her for even small things. Buy costly gifts. Take for dinner outside very often.

Highly egoistic / Narcissistic : It was the girl who proposed my cousin and married. After marriage she started belittling her by saying that he was not capable enough to earn more, not able to take care of her properly, saying that her family is rich and there were so many good boys longing for her etc etc

Demanding gender equality(which should come naturally) : She doesnt do any cooking at home, my cousin has to come from office and do the cooking. If my cousin is in second shift then they mostly eat outside food. She says am I a slave to you and your family … …

Not able to compliment each other : Clearly she was not able to appreciate my cousin on the effort that he took to satisfy her.

Not able to support each other : She was not supportive at all and my cousin had to face hardships in his job as well because of her behavior. Often she says that he goes in shifts and not taking her out.

Physical abuse : Usually the guy abuses the girl physically but here its quite opposite… the girl used to slap him for no reason, beat him whenever she gets angry for no reason. My cousin tolerated all these for two years just because he loved her. He did not even inform to the parents as he thot it was not the right thing to do.

Not interested in sex : The girl was more interested in giving birth to a child abroad other than the native country so that she can have a high end life style. Due to this she was not at all interested in SEX but got pregnant. Fortunately or unfortunately it got aborted(still not sure about the reasons). Also cursing my cousin for not satisfying her sexually

Social media / Social status : Until my cousin brought this matter out they were posting fancy pictures in FB / whatsapp which clearly shows that she was fantasized by the social media.

The above reasons general apply only to most of couples they are the broad reasons for marriage failure in India.