#MeToo Dead Last Rites Performed

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#MeToo Dead Last Rites Performed

Saurabh Singh & Abhay Bharunt

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In the middle of August 2018 in Varanasi the nationwide SIFIAN’S Men Right Activist’s (MRA’s) who had assembled for the 10th Natcon under the aegis of Save Indian Family Movement had successfully done Pisachani Mukti Yaagh & Pind- daan of their dead Marital relations which had reached a “dead end”.

SIFIAN’S MRA being unbiased men and law abiding citizen of the country had given the baby pisachani named #MeToo relief, abiding by the Indian Penal Code and Juvenile Justice (care and Protection of Children) Act. The SIFIAN’S believed in #MeToo sweets words that it won’t harm anyone in India and to spare her as she was very very young.

But an evil that too of a feminist mindset would always remains an evil.

The #MeToo pisachani didn’t take days to gain an adult body to demonstrate her wickedness. The evilness of #MeToo all over the globe was of such a misused successful massacre on the men’s plight that the feminist used it as their only weapon left behind to persecute men and his entire family. Men’s reputation, honesty, dignity, creditability & ethics by which men has always lived by was being dilapidated to it edges leading to male suicides not just limited to their carriers but of life’s as like never before, the males family was getting devastated by such mindless & vindictive allegations.

#MeToo had ruined men’s life all across the globe & now it turned it wicked frame of mind and devil eyes upon Indian Men’s, but as the SIFIAN’S had already performed a triumphant pisachani mukti yaagh the #MeToo could not spread it mesh as it had been aspired to be. #MeToo worn out all its gas fell short of respiration in result failing miserably & lastly succumbing to her own injuries.

The SIFIAN’s who were assembling in the National Capital on 03-03-2019 #Satyagrah4Men learned the news on 01st March 2019 that #MeToo which was in ventilation had a very horrifying, aberrant death and no so called feminist had been at her death bed. It is to be noted that the #MeToo which had been grossly misused by unscrupulous women’s, the same devious women’s distanced them from #MeToo as #MeToo could not achieve their targets and wickedness (well as it has been noted & recorded that the feminist only use women for their benefits).

After all devastating effect of #MeToo in India which gave rise to a culture of Digital Mob Lynching, it was time to say RIP MeToo. On 02nd of March 2019 the SIFIAN’s as always who are devoted to the Indian Culture decided not the leave the decomposed body of #MeToo as orphan but perform the last rites rituals as per the Hindu rituals i.e. the shav-yatra, dehsanskar, pind-daan of #MeToo as #MeTooFuneral followed by #MeTooKaPindDaan at the Kalindi Kunj Ghat, Delhi.

#MeeToo Dead Body
Preparation for the Shavyatra of #MeeToo


SIFIAN’S assembling near #MeeToo
#MeeToo dead body lifted for the shavyatra dead body
#MeeToo Shav-yatra begins
#MeeToo last rite for dehsanskar
#MeeToo last rite for dehsanskar
DDehsanskar – #MeTooFuneral


The authors of this article where present at the last rites of #MeToo at the Kalindi Kunj Ghat, Delhi and whatever happened at the moment the authors realized that “jaisi karni wasi bharni” the Indian well know proverb was indeed true.

To the author astonishment & quandary the #MeToo last right was so beaming that even the river Yamuna was praying for alternatives as though inquiring with the SIFIAN’S, why it had to accept the ashes of #MeToo in his holy river bed?

Even Lord Indra – the lord of rain was in its full fury as if he didn’t wanted the #MeToo wicked soul neither in heaven nor in hell. The circumstances for Lord Indra was such as if all the souls from heaven and hell had prayed with folded hands to the lord Indra to do anything or everything by hook or crook to stop the last rites of #MeToo so that they could be saved from the vehemence of #MeToo. The rains were really so ruthless trying to play havoc at its paramount.

The Men’s Right activist of Delhi NCR and other national activist willpower & determination as always being strong (tested time & again) performed the shavyatra and dehsanskar of #MeToo by overcoming all the hindrances. At last the SIFIAN’S were successful in cremation of #MeToo dead body, but it was not over yet, the last rites that was the pind-daan was still to be performed and indeed #MeToo soul short lived at the hand of unscrupulous women turned out to be impious of them all. The Pandit ji who was performing the pind- daan informed the activist that “rain hindrances do occurs only when a soul is wicked & has ruined the life of as many as it could.”

Being the last rites of #MeToo performed it turned out to be evening.

A movement which became a tool to name, shame and satisfy personal vendetta by maligning and destroying men by falsely alleging sexual misconduct after years and that too without any direct, indirect or circumstantial evidence.

No formal complaint/investigation, no court trails but on mere testimony, men were stamped as sexual predators, molesters, rapists and what not.

Carrier spoiled, families destroyed and few men even committed suicide.

The movement has done no good to the gender discourse and environment at work places is all more tensed and unhealthy.

Such a movement when cremated and last rites performed will only bring in peace and harmony. Om Shanti!! Om Shanti!! Om Shanti!!

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