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7 Out Of 10 Women Cheat On Spouses In India

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A general believe about Indian Women is ‘they are faithful to their Husband’. When someone says something opposite to this people normally deny and don’t believe. And interesting part is mostly men deny this.

Many time i said that Indian Women already entered in 21st century but men still living in 18th century. Looks like the statement going to be proved true soon. A recent survey suggest that women are not that much faithful to their Husband as we believe. Survey suggest that 77 % of Indian women choose to cheat their Husbands. Their reason can be different : some of them choose affair outside marriage because their marriage become monotonous and some other because extra marital affair allow then to add excitement.

The survey was conducted by Gleeden, which has over 5 lakh users in India, revealed that metros, like Bengaluru, Mumbai and Kolkata, have the maximum number of women who cheat on their spouses. The survey was conducted under the title “Why do women commit adultery”.

Gleeden app was launched in France in 2009. It arrived in India in 2017 and today, 30 per cent of its members in India are married women in the age group of 34-49 years.