Men’s HUB 014 – Editorial

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Election 2019

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When we are working on the issue, the general election, 2019 are going on. So there is a question who will be in power after election. For me it does not matter, but what really matter for us is to whom we are  casting our vote and why ?

Another burning issue is sexual harassment allegations on Chief Justice of India.

It is right that before voting one must be aware of his rights, but it is also important that he know the bigger picture very well. During the current election 2019 men’s right organization asked to vote NOTA, which is basically denying all candidates. They have reasons to do so. If we study the manifesto of major parties like BJP & Congress, we find that there is nothing about men. Political parties are not interested in men anymore. They care for women’s vote but they don’t care for men’s vote.

I would like to share one example : When Mr. Modi visited Varanasi for his Namakan, he meet kids. The news was all over Indian media. Did he really meet kids ? Technically yes, but if we look the news deeply he meet only Female Kids. There was not even one Male Kid. What does that mean ?

Now the question is if we are cast our vote to nota, who is going to get benefit and who will be in power, also it is important if it can damage India’s growth ?

Last election was in 2014 and BJP get a bumper majority in Lok Sabha. The majority BJP get was after a long time and BJP get majority because of various reasons, one of them was the promises made by Mr. Modi as well as his publicity management.

Once BJP get a bumper majority and it become the strongest govt in recent years, we expect a very good work too. But if we analyze 5 year report card of BJP govt, my finding is the work done by BJP govt is just normal one. I can not remember a single issue where they were able to use their bumper majority. They could have used their majority for solving Kashmir issue, or they could have solved Ram Mandir issue. The majority could have been used in many way but unfortunately the govt choose to work like any other govt and outcome is also normal. Many will rise a question that BJP was not having majority in RS, but expert will be able to explain that BJP was having bumper majority in LS and they could have worked freely without having majority in RS. We give bumper majority and BJP did not used it, now if we give just sufficient majority the situation will be more or less same. That means if we are casting nota and BJP did not get bumper majority still the situation will be same.

But main question is what if BJP just goes out of equation because of nota, as they goes out in Rajasthan ? My view is it does not matter who comes into power. BJP performed well when we are talking about Railway Services but they failed at the job front. I agree that BJP govt has taken hard step for security but govt is not just for safai & security. Govt is for a wider reason and when we look widely their performance was not extraordinary but their 5 year record is just normal, just like last govt (Manmohan Singh’s). In short I can say if for next 5 year BJP comes into power or Congress or any other front it may not matter as long as we are expecting a normal performance, and I can not see any leader who can give a push.

So if Men’s Right organizations asking for cast Nota to put forward their demands of Human Right’s Violations of Men I am ok with that, and request every Men’s Right Supporter to do so, without thinking that they may be damaging something.

Sexual Harassment allegations against Chief Justice of India (CJI) : Another burning issue today is sexual harassment allegation against CJI. A former employee of SC of India has made allegations of Sexual harassment against CJI, Ranjan Gogoi in an affidavit. The affidavit is sent to all the judges of SC on Apr 19, 2019. For detail anyone can google. In past we have observed that a large number of false allegations of Sexual Harassment or Rape are framed because of various reason. Does that mean I am saying allegations on CJI are false ? Well CJI denied the allegations, but my concern is not about the truthfulness of allegations but my concern is about how the situation handled. CJI continue working on his post and in-house investigation going on. I can remember a recent incident from Gurgaon where an employee was suspended from his post as soon as company get complain. I also can recite 1000s cases where men get suspended as soon as allegations were made. Even I can remember Bollywood cases where people come forward and denied working with the director/actor etc who get allegations during MeToo movement. But here we are looking at very different scenario. We are facing a situation where CJI is on his post working without any problem even after allegations and parallel investigation going on. Why only CJI is getting this special treatment why not all Indian men deserve the same respect till they are proven guilty ? When a men get suspended or sent to jail just because of allegation it is direct attack on his Human Rights as well as his dignity.

I stand with CJI with full support but I also demand the same treatment for other men too.