Expendable Men

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Expendable Men

Mr. Mahesh

I remember an incident from my past, not decades passed but just 3 or 4 years. In my office one new young handsom boy joined. In the same batch a girl also joined. In couple of months boy and girl comes close. They spend a lot of time togather in canteen or after office. This continue for around 1 year. One day both choose their own path. It was not a fight which people notice but it was an observation that now both are not spending time togather. I was not friendly with both of them, but one of my friend was. My friend asked the boy why they are not togather anymore, and he passed the information to us during tea time. Now the boy told him that it is not his choice but girl is not with him anymore. The girl find a new guy in a big city (compare to our city, let say the big city is Delhi). And new guy is working in another company at higher pay scale and living in Delhi. So the girl and new guy are dating on mobile now a days, and he is out. This part is ok no issue at all, but the boy also added that he is still willing to join the girl. This added part shows how disprate the boy is, yes many will say he is in love bla bla bla … . .but in my view it’s just wastage of life and time.

Anyway I will be back on story after sometime. Now look at the image in the begning of article, lovely image (source : wikipedia) !! What this image is about ?

One can say in the image one lady giving something to a boy, probably a flower and her friends are there to cheer. So it looks like a proposing situation ?

But actually the image is not about love or proposing but it is about a group of womens who are telling this men that ‘YOU ARE COWARD’.

Surpriceed ?

The image is showing a band of women who roamed cities of England during Word War I, and giving white feathers to men in civil dress. Basically this group of women telling men that if you are not in army you are coward. Media will say a band of brave women roaming around cities to inspire men to join army. Is this true ?

The White Feather was given to men who were not enlisted in the army as a mark of cowardice. If you are not fighting in the war, you are not a real man.

I disagree with media.

Another incident :

Anyone heard about a beave men ‘Austin Hemmings’ ?


So Who was Austin Hemmings ?

Some of us may not be familier with the name but many of us will identify him as a brave men who lost his life protecting an unknown women. He has an intresting story of bravery. Let us read his story (source wikipedia).

In 2008, a 26 year-old Auckland woman was approached by a man whom she recognised as her cousin. The man got confrontational, looked aggressive and the woman started to feel afraid. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Austin, whom she never met before.

She asked for his help. Austin obliged and stood between them, asking “what’s going on here?”

The man replied, “get out of the way, it’s none of your business.”

But Austin stood his ground. He then asked the woman to “run” before he was stabbed to his death by the man.

The media proclaimed that he “did the right thing.”

Here the men is dead to protect an unknown women and media said he did the right thing. Now just for a moment imagine that the men ‘Ausin’ did not jumped in between men and unknown women, in that case Austin may be living today and unknown women may not be. If this happed what media will say the men did wrong thing ?

Another incident :

In 2012, James Holmes entered a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, and set off tear gas grenades and shot into the audience with multiple firearms. Out of the death casualties, 3 of them were men who jumped in front of their girlfriends and literally used their body as shields against the incoming bullets.

All these are real incidents.

Many says Litrature/Cinema is mirror of out society so what cinema shows about men. If we look at our movies, men die like flies. But I can not remember a single movie in which women die like flies.

Just for example KILL BILL Vol 1 : Massacre of 88 Men. Kill Bill Vol I is all about killing a men but main fight is how a women massacre 88 men. And the fight seen was really great one and we watched it without blinking.

Just imagine the reverse where a men kill 88 women. Although I can not remember a single movie where such thing was shows, even if such movie was made the men will be shows as villain and he deserve a painfull death.

Another incident : real as well as cinema

Titanic Tragedy. The tragedy is sad one, and movie based on the tragedy was a great success at box office. What I remember from the story line of the movie is how a men choose to die to protect a women. Hero die and actress was saved. We call it a great sacrifise by the men. Was it ? Now if we look at the survival rate of same tragedy :

Men – 20%

Women – 74 %

Children – 52 %

The statastic prove that most of men did not survived and most of women survived. This happen because we assume women & chidren should be saved before men. That also mean we give more importance to the life of women and childrens.

I can remember a less known story from India, after earth quake three bodies found inside a house where men was covering the women and child. Although men, women and child all died but truth is before death men tried to save women and child.

I can list down a lot of real life stories when men choose to die at place of women. I can list down a large number of stories where men suffer at place of women. I can list down a large number of phone calls where men call and ask us how to secure a bail for parents specially mother. He most time ready to go jain but he wanted to save parents specially Mother.

Bitter Truth is I can not remember many incidents where women suffer to protect men.

It is not because we are supermen and we are brave enough to choose death at place of Life. But This is because we men care about out near and dears.

In return we were informed that

  • All Men are potential Rapist

  • Men are Rejected Maal

  • Men Can Not be family Head

  • Men Comes Last when it comes to Medical Emergency

  • A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle

  • Women need men only for babies

  • etc

Who is telling us this ?

Men Himself ?

Yes Men himself is responsible for all this shit.

How ?

Let me complete the story i started in the begning.

So the boy said he is still willing to join the girl if she wish. Some people will say he is in love, but I won’t say same. I would say he himself is not caring about his life. What happened next ? For next few days both the boy & the girl stay far from each other then one day both comes togather again. This time we came to know that the girl rejeced the big city boy because of xyz reason and join the old boy again. After few month both get married.

Is this marriage is a wrong decesion ?

I don’t know but truth is for girl it was not about boy, she tried her all options first, when none of them worked she came back to old boy again. What she did was not wrong because she think about her life and choose what was best available. Although the boy was never her first choice but she choose what was best available to her. At the same time the boy never look for best available options. When she left him, he was ready to take her back, and when she come back he accepted her proposal and get married. The boy may or may not get better option but he never tried he stayed with the same girl even when she rejected him.

So who is responsible for men ?

The men himself, who born not for himself but for others. For men his own life must comes first but they do not choose themself first, they keep themself last and men himself is responsible for this shit.

Now let us see a few recors :

  • 97% of combat fatalities are men

  • 92% of occupational deaths are men

  • 76% of homicides are men

  • 3 time more suicide by men then women.

  • About male rape no data available in India

  • About 140,000 rape cases in US prisons alone.

  • 66% of all victims of robberies and non-domestic aggravated assault are men

  • More men are homeless then women.

  • In USA women cancer get almost 15 times more funds then women. In India too lot of attention of breast cancer but for men’s cancer nothing.

So what is the moral of the story(s)?


A man’s life is not regarded at the same value as a woman’s. Men were expendables a hundred years ago. Men are still expendables today. Men even think about themself as EXPENDABLES.