And Miles to go…

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And Miles to go …



Raman Rana

A Motivational Poem from Men’s HUB Issue 014

1st  Apr 2019



Life is all, about the goals

You want to achieve tirelessly


No matter what are the ways..

No matter how hard the days..


I am just grinding so that i can shine..

Only the best i want to design..

There’s a long long line..

But that’s just fine..

After some struggle, it will all be mine.


I was low for some bad thoughts..

The spark had ended that my mind had brought..


But I woke up with a fire again ..

I’ll rise like before with no complaint..


Started my journey coz i never back down..

God took my hand, and showed me the crown..


Now I am ready, running fast and steady..

I’ll never stop writing for my fate..

The destiny of life that I’ll myself create..

Because miles to go, to hit the goal

For that I’ll put.. my life ,and soul.


Raman Rana (Kurukshetra)

Journalist, Writer

Media Coordinator

(Daman welfare society)