Indian Society – Episode 002

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Indian Society – Episode 002

Direction of Feminism in India


The society in which we live is neither good nor bad. Sometime we see a good face of society and sometime we find and very different face. What we want to say is the society is neither good nor bad, but we all can agree at one point that the society is biased against one particular gender.

Anonymous : Society is biased against women ?

Men’s HUB : No dear that is where we disagree.

Anonymous : We can discuss a lot of incident where society looks anti women.

Men’s HUB : Yes we can discuss a lot of incidents where society looks anti men too.

Anonymous : What does that mean ?

Men’s HUB : I mean dear we are a huge society where everyday a lot happen. Just for example consider this story shared by someone on social media.

Anonymous : And What is this about ?

Men’s HUB : This story is about how a women consider a moment dangerous for her brother/friend and she accept the wrong direction of feminism going in india.

Anonymous : Anything else ?

Men’s HUB : Yes it is also the clear indication about the men’s right violation when it comes to women’s right not only at social level but also at legal level.

What is Something that you just Realized

An incident on this day changed our thinking towards society, So coming to the story.

Manish (one of my best friends) and I were traveling to Connaught Place in Delhi, via Delhi Metro’s Blue Line. People from Delhi can relate how tough it is to get in or out at Rajiv Chowk metro station. So we were all prepared to face another world war with commuters.

But as soon as we left Barakhamba Road,( the station just before Rajiv Chawk) the train stopped with sudden brakes and everyone got jerked forward. I was in a safe position as always but my friend and his hands landed up in the wrong place. He pushed one girl who was standing in opposite direction and the girl got stuck against the Metro’s gate and her chest was pressed by my friend’s hand.

I could see my friend sweating as all this happened in just 20 seconds still I could see the fear on his face. I was sure that one tight slap was waiting for my brother. Before I could say anything he started saying “sorry sorry sorry, it was by mistake”. He started explaining himself. We all know the condition of Delhi, people don’t wait for a second to attack someone if he is found molesting a girl. But sometimes the situation is different so was that day. Everyone was giving strange look to my friend as if he had committed a crime. But the only thing which he did was something like below and that too by mistake.

The girl was somewhere between 22–26 years old. The train started moving slowly and the girl reaction was something which we could not believe as me and my friend had known that feminism is taking the wrong path in India.

The girl said, “ Hey cool down. It’s okay. I understand. Agar Mai tumhare jagah Hoti to Mai bhi gir jaati” she meant to say, “ if I were at your place then I could have also fallen”.

I was surprised and so was my friend. By the time train had already reached Rajiv Chowk and as I said the crowd was something like this.

We could not say anything to her as both of us were surprised and we all got off the train. I was trying to figure out where that girl went but the crowd didn’t allow us. We went to the park situated just above the station, thinking deeply about the incident. “Yes, all women are not the same. There exist some who don’t use their rights in a wrong way and that too in a city like Delhi”.

This incident completely changed our thinking about girls. Not everyone will take you wrongly; some understandable and gentle ones are also there….

Thanks for your Time

NOTE : Incident shared here is taken from social media and we are not aware if it is true story or fabricated.