Anti Male Society

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Anti Male Society


Mr. Vinay

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom, and a queen … ….

Let us come out of story mode and stay with truth. So what I was saying we grow up by reading or listning many stories about warriors. We read about many like tatya tope, jhansi ki rani, mangal pandey, bhagat singh, subhash etc. The list is very very long, but today I want to remember one and only one jhansi ki rani, laxmi bai. We read about her in many way including a poem written by Subhadra Kumari Chouhan (khoob ladi mardani who to jhansi wali rani thi … . I believe this poem is great inspiration for many. Laxmi Bai was one of the great & unique warrior not because she was a women, but because she fough at the time when fight for freedom was in initial stage. Very few fought for freedom at that time. In due time story of jhansi ki rani must have inspired many to fight for freedom. I believe out ideals like bhagat singh, chadra shakher were also get inspiration from laxmi bai.

Unfortunatly soon this inspiration may die, may be many stay with the inspiration mood but my personal view is the story of Jhansi ki Rani may not be inspiring soon. Why I am saying so ?

So far Laxmi Bai was a great warrior of our freedom fight. But soon we are going to see the feminist version of Laxmi Bai. Where her main fight is against her EVIL Husband. That means a great freedom fighter soon going to convert into gender warrior. The war against gender was nowhere involved in out freedom fight but soon we are going to see a gender war at place of freedom fight under the shadow of 1857 war. As a result inspirational part is no more going to inspire.

What I am saying is based on the trailer on TV.

There are very few women involved in freedom fight (compare to men, that may be because of many reason), whatever little they have soon going to convert into gender warriors starting with Laxmi Bai.

She is well known for her fight against english rulers not for any other fight. The only part where we get inspired was her fight against english ruler. Now if she turned into gender warrior what will be left for inspiration ?

We choose our ideals based on chracter. Look at subhash chandra boss or bhagat singh or chandra shekhar aazad all having one common property and that is respect of women. When men define society they choose harmony and respect for oposite gender is choosen as a best chracter. But when feminist define society they choose their ideal based on ‘WAR AGAINST GENDER’. Feminists are choosing their ideals based on EVIL of oposite gender.

Once Laxmi Bai join feminist brigade she will be a warrior agains men, so how I can get inspiration from a warrior who is portraid as fighter against my own gender ?

Many will say I should not choose ideal based on gender but I should choose an ideal based on her fight against EVIL. I would like to ask a simple question for what Jhansi ki Rani was known ?

Hope my point is very clear.

Why society accept such evil stories ?

Many may not agree with my views but my view is our society is mainly Anti-Male-Society and they want to defame men. Society is too much Anti Male that they are ready to see a ‘Potential Rapist in Every Men’ but they deny the existence of ‘Potential Prostitute’ in every women. Men normly stay against men till he become the target of war against men.

I can remember a men who lead the crowd to make more stricker rape law. Once done he himself become the target and he committied suicide. A large number of men become target in war against men, a few of them wakeup and fight for their right, a large number commite suicide and bigger part stay tuned on old frequencies. This bigger part believe the world has just few bad women and he was unlucky rest all women are angels.

A small part of target wake up they know that they become target because they had avoided and lost their rights in past, and it will continue till someone rise the voice.

I can count on two recent examples to show the anti male society. First one is matter of Tripple Talak. SC declared TTT as unconstitutional and make in void. That means if a muslim men utter a word ‘Talak’ three times, marriage won’t be declared divorced. But govt took the step to next level they decided to punish men for this uttering world. If a muslim men utter (or not because it is matter of trail) talak three times govt wanted to throw him behind bar till … …. …. And best part is society want this anti male bill to be passed. One of my friend (not muslim) he argu that what if someone divorce your daughter ? I want to ask why indian men hate their son so much that they openly demand to send their SON behind bar.

Second example I would like to use Tej Pratap Yadav’s. He was forced into unwilling marriage at the name of family status. And this is not uncommon. There are many cases where men are kidnaped and they become victim of forced marriage. And we are not even talking of the forced marriages in Bihar where men are kidnapped at gun point by families of young women. 3,400 men were forced in such forced marriaged 2017. Pressuring sons to get married is no less than kidnapping at gunpoint. Any noone talk about this.

The exact form of anti male societ can be easily seen in court rooms. We can see a lot of judgments they are not just to serve justice but they are because people sitting inside court rooms are anti male. A few examples :

  • In one of judgment court said men has to pay to wife even if he need to steal or bag. They dont want to say women that they are able and they can earn themself, but court force women to sit and men to pay for their lazyness.

  • When adultry was put in front of court so that it can be changed to punish women equally for the adultry. Court they just vanish the law itself because it was time to punish women.

  • There is a case where court forced a differently abled men to pay to his abled wife and husband collected this amount by asking donation from other peoples so that he can come out of dead marriage as well as continueous hrashment.

There are uncountable judgments where men was punished for no reason. In short we can say indian society is anti male they hate their own son and they want to punish them for no reason.

Finally I have a message for all Indian Men ‘It is not necessary that someone wake you with a Slap, wake up as soon as possible’.