Indian Society – Episode 001

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Indian Society – Episode 001


Men’s HUB Team


The society in which we live is neither good nor bad. Sometime we see a good face of society and sometime we find and very different face. What we want to say is the society is neither good nor bad, but we all can agree at one point that the society is biased against one particular gender.

Anonymous : Society is biased against women ?

Men’s HUB : No dear that is where we disagree.

Anonymous : We can discuss a lot of incident where society looks anti women.

Men’s HUB : Yes we can discuss a lot of incidents where society looks anti men too.

Anonymous : What does that mean ?

Men’s HUB : I mean dear we are a huge society where everyday a lot happen. Just for example consider this story shared by someone on social media.

A man is not a man, if you need to take a stand for him.

I’m serious. That’s what our society says. Read to know what I exactly mean.

Last week, I was walking when I noticed an uncle driving a scooty hit a BMW. It was a minor accident. The car had a few scratches, and no one was hurt, but what followed made me write this answer.

Never in my entire life have I seen people use such bad language. The guys driving the car were goons basically. They got out of the car with such aggression and started cursing. Immediately the scene caught an audience, and there was a big jam. The uncle seemed scared, I mean really scared, or maybe he was way too decent. He was unable to reply to their slangs and cursing. He just kept apologising repeatedly, as he was the one driving on the wrong side. Those brats- they enjoyed this, it might have given them a feeling of superiority. They kept on cursing and abusing a man in his late 50s, and what’s worse is no one stood up for him.

My heart was burning. I felt so disgusted. Why create so much fuss over a few scratches? I really wanted to do something, but I keep getting strict warnings from my parents about not to get myself involved in these kind of situations especially where such guys are involved.

“There are acid attacks, rapes and kidnappings for revenge”

“Guys like that take it on their ego when a girl speaks against or abuses them, they go to any extent”

“The best way is to ignore when it doesn’t concern you”

This is what most of the Indian parents keep telling their daughters and you can’t blame them, the increasing crime rate is responsible for this. Their only intention is their daughter’s safety.

Recollecting all their warnings I chose not to get involved.(I being an ENFJ relate to people very quickly and I have a constant need to help others.) Being helpless made me even more angry.

The heated conversation continued, where the 17 year old kept cursing uncle’s family, status etc. Then they asked him for money to which he said, “I don’t have that amount with me right now, but I can give you my address, and you can collect it from there.”

As he said this one of the guy held his collar, and gave him a tight slap.

“Tere baap ke naukar hai kya?” he yelled. (Are we your dad’s servants)

Everything stopped for a second. What if someone slaps my dad like that? Will I still choose to be the audience? That moment I didn’t care about what my parents would react or what those assholes would do or say.

It was more than one can stomach.

Me: “How dare you? Sorry bol rahe hai na vo. Aap haath kyu utha rahe ho?” (How dare you? Can’t you see he is apologising? How dare you raise a hand on him? )

Guy 1: “aaaye chal tu apna deekh. Nai tho duga ek lagake” (Mind your own business. I’ll slap you as well)

I was so shocked! So angry. I really can’t put that into words.

Me: “Haath lagake deekha. Yehi police bulaugi. Nikal chal licence aur gaadi ke papers nikal.” (touch me and see I’ll call the cops right now. Show your licence)

I was sure he was not even of the age to drive a car.

Guy 2: “Who the hell are you, asking us for licences?” (Used slangs)

Me: “Who the hell are you? How dare you hit an old man? Don’t you understand what sorry means? Wait the cops will teach you.” (Removes phone to dial 100)

Guy: abuses in Marathi.

This is when some random guy from the crowd spoke up. “Respect a woman, talk properly”, he said.

Then many followed. Aunties, uncles everybody spoke. Seeing the tables turn the guys kept their mouth shut. I left the minute I knew they won’t cause more harm. The whole situation irritated me.

When a girl is abused everybody has balls to take a stand.

Why? Oh cause she is girl. She needs protection. It’s one’s moral duty to protect a girl.

And when an old man is being slapped by punks on the road your balls are like- “ oh you don’t need me right now.”

Why? Right! Cause he is a man. He is supposed to protect himself.

Women should be respected.

And men? Is it okay if you disrespect them?

Aren’t these double standards? Chuck standards this is inhumane!

I wanted to put this point up there, but it was worthless. So I decided to write an answer. Atleast here people will get, what I’m trying to convey.

Everybody deserves respect. And such road side punks deserve a punch in the face.

Men’s HUB : So dear from this incident can we say society is anti men ?

Anonymous : What you want to say people should not raise voice when some goon doing nonsense against a women ?

Men’s HUB : Why only women ?

Men’s HUB : Why people should not raise voice when goon doing nonsense against anyone ?

Anonymous : hmm.

Men’s HUB : Exactly that is what we mean we even don’t care what is happening against men and that is what make us Anti-Men Society.

Men’s HUB : Hope you understand my point.

Anonymous : Trying to digest.

Men’s HUB : No problem take your time. Soon we will discuss more of such incidents. Which will help you about to know the ignorance toward men.

NOTE : Incident shared here is taken from social media.