Aadi Manav

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आदि मानव



We all know about ‘aadimanav’. Although we can define aadimanv in different words but i find a suitable way may be ‘The primitive man’


जीवन में विवाह, सामंजस्य, सुधार, समझौते और बलिदान की लंबी यात्रा की तरह है, और यह बात पतिपत्नी दोनों पर लागू होती है। विडंबना यह है कि हमारी सरकार ओर न्यायपालिका छद्म महिलावाद के चलते इसी पर आमादा हैं कि जिम्मेदारी सब पति की है और अधिकार सब पत्नी के हैं।




aadi = the earlier/earliest

maanav = man/human

So why I am talking about aadimanav today ?

Well I dont have any specific reason except it remind me about the equility between humans. Although we can say aadi manav was not educated but still there was equility. None was responsible to feed others.

Yes ofcourse there is a bigger reason too, which remind me about the living of aadi manav.

So we were talking about aadi manav, because one of my friend objected ob beard by men. He not only objected on beard but also called men with beard as ‘aadi-manav’ also commented that girls will not attract toward men because of beard.

Now I am just thinking we are living in a society where life has only one meaning that find a suitable girl, get married and game over.

Is that all ?

Are we here on Earth to getting marry only ?

I don’t think so but most of my friend think so. For them life is nothing but getting married and rising the kids. After doing this if sometime left that they give to something else, still not to themself.

It may be true that primitive human (men) was not habitual of shaving simply because that time shaving was not even invented leter on with changing time shaving become more popular, does that mean men started shaving because it was more suitable to impress women ?

May be it is true, because I don’t know why men started shaving but personally i believe there must be some other reason behind shaving then women.

एक मसले में पत्नी शादी के कई साल बाद, पति व बच्चे को छोड़कर अपने बॉयफ्रेंड के साथ रहने चली गई, पति ने कोर्ट में अर्जी लगाई, नतीजा, ‘आपकी पत्नी एक बालिग़ व्यक्ति है, अपनी मर्जी की मालिक है, जहाँ चाहे रह सकती है, आप बाध्य नहीं कर सकते‘, अर्जी ख़ारिज




It is very unfortunate that today a men is not allowed to grow beard if he wish. People start considering him as aadi-manav or someone who is less popular in women. These thoughts rising day by day just because our society teacing us wrong. Society telling us to be a slave, dont work hard in studies because your life may depend on it, but society teaching us study hard because you need to provide luxary life to your family (indirectly a women) and men is following the concept without applying his own mind.

Even sometime I think men has no mind, his mind is hijacked as soon as he see first light on Earth. The concept of marriage was adopted by Indian society long back. But that society was not same as we are today. In that society marriage may be a necessasity, but can we say it is necessary today ?

Can’t a men live his own life for himself ?

Long time back men was free (women was also free but I wont talk about that), he was free to do what he wish. That time daily needs were limited to food mainly and that he could arrange easily. But with changing time he started forming society and that was the time when he himself started taking unnecessary responsiblity. Reason can be many but yes responsiblities he accepted were unnecessary. Just for example safety and food were two major requirements and both responsiblity men took on himself. And all this so that he can get prepared food and may be sex at home. And truth is both were freely available for him but still he bound himself to one and paid havily for that. Don’t believe ?

एक दुसरे मसले में आर्य समाज मंदिर में प्रेम विवाह करने ने करीब 3 महीने बाद पत्नी का मन बदल गया और उसने अपने पिता की इच्छानुसार शादी करने का मन बनाया, पति ने कोर्ट में अर्जी लजाई, जब पत्नी कोर्ट में हाजिर हुई तो उसने अपने पति को पहचानने से भी मना कर दिया, शादी हुए होने से भी इनकार कर दिया, शादी का सर्टिफिकेट, फ़ोटो, सभी साक्षय झुठला दिए। नतीजा, ‘आपकी पत्नी आपको पहचानने से भी मना कर रही है, ऐसे में उसे आपके साथ रहने के लिए बाध्य नहीं किया जा सकता‘, अर्जी ख़ारिज




Let us see when men was just a free men still next generation was taking shape to take charge, it prove because we exist today. That means that free men was geting sex as well as food, still he was free. Ok I can agree that he get educated and he made societies and then family. With making families he divide responsiblities and he was able to get cooked food but at the cost of arrange raw food for many (earlier he was responsible for himself). Ok I agree on that if he make a family he get some responsiblities too, but question is where goes other’s responsiblities. Once men was free then he become family men, although he was responsible for raw food and safety of members but still other members were also having responsible so he was not over burden. But today situation is changed completly, today men get all responsiblities in return he he is not even eligiable for cooked food. Don’t believe ? Please check Domestic Violence Act.

One can argu that he is geting free sex. Its just a dream, nothing more then that. Why ? Please check what he is paying for that sex which he expect from wife and finally which can be rape. Rape !! Yes dear there is a petition pending.

So what a men is geting out of marriage ?

Ok one or even many would argu on that his ‘VANSH’. He will get next generation in his bloodline.

Well dear ‘aadi-manav’ also get his blood-line. We all are blood-line of aadi-manav. Although we don’t know which aadi-manav we belong but definatly we belong to some aadi-manav. Even the truth is I can’t remember the name of my grand-grand-father. Even i don’t remember if I showed intrest in knowing his name. And the same going to happen with me. My name may be rememberd by max 2 or 3 generation. After that I will be someone whose name is forgoton. In short if I am saying I am geting my VANSH from marriage, it is not true.

Even that is not important. What if I am the end of my blood-line ? Is the world going to end ? Absolutly not. Nothing going to change not even slightly.

So what I am going to get outof marriage ?

Nothing. Absolutly Nothing.

What I pay in return.

Entire Life as well as earning.

एक तीसरे मसले में मजदूर पति की पत्नी की सरकारी नौकरी लगते ही, मजदूर पति, एक अनर्गल व्यक्ति दिखने लगा। बिना विवाह विच्छेद हुए ही पत्नी अपने नए बॉयफ्रेंड के साथ पत्नी के तौर पर रहने लगी, पति ने कोर्ट में अर्जी लगाई, नतीजा, ‘आपकी पत्नी की दूसरी शादी साबित नहीं हुई है। वो पढ़ीलिखी महिला है, अपने इच्छानुसार जीवन व्यतीत कर सकती है, आपके साथ रहने के लिए उसे बाध्य नहीं किया जा सकता‘, अर्जी ख़ारिज




Dear Friend next time when someone like your parent ask you to get marry. You first ask yourself what you are going to get from marriage and what you are going to pay.

What I want to say ?

There are many people around me, happily married people. Am I deny their happyness ?

No absolutly not. But the truth when we buy a mobile from market, we check what are the available options and what are the features. The most appriciated feature we look for is security.

Before purchasing mobile we look for security, and that is because we like to access out digital life on that mobile which may be at risk if mobile is not secure. If my mobile is not secured properly I may lost few thousand or may be few lakh from by bank balance or from my ATM.

Marriage day by day becoming almost the similar threat from men. Even the worst threat. Why it is worst ?

The answer is here in India marriage is not just a civil matter anymore. Criminal sections involved just for example the section IPC 498a is criminal section, which may be a reason for you to spend few year behind bar. People may rise a question that if he didn’t demand dowry he will not see this situation.

Well this is just like a kid’s assumption. Why ? You need to understand a complain under IPC 498A don’t demand any evidence, it empower IO to arrest you on just a complain because the statement given by a lady is ASSUMED true under evidence act. So to file a complain she don’t need any evidence, the proof is conviction rate under IPC 498A. Even if we don’t look at conviction rate we just study the statements given by SC of India that should be enough. And the worst part is not only you but your entire family (aged mother father, married or unmarried sister and their husbands etc) will be accused.

क्या यह अधिकार पुरुष को प्राप्त है, की वो भी यह कह सके कि मुझे पत्नी के साथ नहीं रहना?

जब कभी भी इतिहास, विवाह संस्कार की प्रथा के नष्ट होने का कारण पूंछेगा, तो उत्तर होगा

सरकार एवं न्यायपालिका

Even if don’t consider this risk still another risk Marriatal Rape is on its way.

Let us just ignore all these criminal thingsmm, still the problem if there is no way to come out of bad marriage. If your partner is not ready to come out of marriage Hindu Marriage Act do not allow you to come out of marriage without proving that your partner was cruel toward you, which is almost next to impossible.

When we buy a mobile after a lot of study, we Indian just getting marry without even looking at the risk involved.

That is what we need to change.

Every Men Need to Study Risk Involved before getting Marriage