Bollywood & Rape

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Dr. G.Singh


Bollywood we know it for hindi movies. Although I am not very fond of hindi movies, no I am not talking about the quality but I don’t like hindi movies because of its length, 3 hours or sometime more then 3 hours, unnecessary wastage of time for boaring songs (sometime good songs too but mostly boaring).  During recent years we have seen a few good hindi movies like wednesday or 3 ideots, but a common storyline of a common hindi film stay around a bad men and a beautyful girl. No I am not talking about hero but I am talking about villen.

Normally people write about hero but I am talking about villen, I have a reason for that.

Today i watched a video from police for a mobile app for online FIR. The incident they used to promote the app was based on a incident happened with a girl. The video remind me about advertisements from 1980-1990 that time police awareness advertisement mostly based on theft or snaching etc but that line is mostly forgoten now police awareness programe has one and only one storyline about a girl and villen. This looks surprising because looks like no other crime is happening in India or police is just meant to control women oriented crime. It may also have another meaning that Indian men is not having anyother job then commiting crime against women.

And people agree with that, here people means both men and women. Surprisingly no women or men accept that his/her son brother etc are commiting such crime but all other men are doing this as full time job. I belive this is nothing but a real life implimentation of bollywood movies. In movie the hate toward  villen and his friends knithed within storyline with small small incidents as a result in the end when hero kill or beat the villen we feel satisfied.

The same we are applying in our life but here we are not even caring for anything we blindly believe the womens side and we feel satisfied if the men is killed or tortured even if he is innocent and we even don’t know iota about the incident still we believe he must have done something wrong with the lady.

Looks like we are going to enter in a regime where men will be criminal just because he is MEN.