You Need to be a Anti Men to get Success in IAS/IPS

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IAS is the toughest exam in India, but it is dream for youngsters. If someone wish to get success in IAS exam he/she need to put all of his efforts into it. But the question is is that enough to get success ?

One can say yes but I would say you need to me anti men for getting success. Why I am saying so ?

बोकारो (झारखंड) के डिप्टी कमिश्नर राय महिमापत रे 2011 बैच के आईएएस ऑफिसर हैं। यूपी के रहने वाले रे को यूपीएससी इंटरव्यू में 300 में से 195 मार्क्स मिले थे। लगभग 35 मिनट तक चले इंटरव्यू के दौरान पूछे गए सवालों को उन्होंने के साथ साझा किया, जिनके जवाब देकर वे आईएएस बने।

Now if we look into the questions :


If we look into the question, it is clear that interview committee wanted to hear how we will help women, even the answer from the selected person is also on same track. The behaviors of human should not be different just because of Gender, but the question and then the answer teaching us to treat different gender differently.