Today’s Ravan – Casual Misandry 10

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Today’s Ravan – Casual Misandry 10

Men are Liars

We Indian believe women don’t lie but at the same time boys are frequent lairs. But the mind set has no background. Why ? Do we have any medical / scientific reason behind such believe ? I believe it is all about what type of lie we are talking about. For example if we are talking about age or weight there are more chances of a lie from a women. Men normally accept their age and weight easily.

One of the study shows

  • 33 % women lie about weight loss compare to 23 % men
  • 37 % women lie to come out from a date compare to 27 % of men
  • 39 % of women lie about health to avoid the work compare to 37 % of men
  • 60 % women lie about gifts compare to 43 % of men
  • 35 % women lie about ‘on the way’ compare to 35 % of men

So the study shows men are not bigger liar but women in many cases. Yes there are chances that men lie more then women in some cases, but if that make a men bigger liar then why we can’t consider women a bigger liar according to above given facts ?

Can we change this mind-set.