Family / Civil /Criminal Courts

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Court is an institution which is sets up by government of India to settle the dispute between 2 or more parties. The court decide the matter through a legal process. For example if traffic police charge me with a Callahan for jumping red light, but I am sure I didn’t jump, in this case court is the institution who will decide what happened actually. Another example if I have dispute with my brother regarding my fathers property, and I can’t settle it myself then court will decide. There are different levels of court. If i am not satisfied with the courts order, It is my right to appeal against the order in upper court for example High Court or Supreme Court.

Similarly we have different types of court too. A simple example if Civil & Criminal Courts. In simple words we can say matter which is civil in nature will be taken care by Civil Court and matter which is criminal in nature will be taken care by Criminal Court. For example a dispute for property share is civil in nature hence will be handled by a civil court, and a matter related to murder is criminal in nature hence will be taken care by criminal court.

In both the court as a procedure each party provide evidences to support their claim and present arguments to support their claim they also draw attention to the weakness of opposite party’s arguments as well as evidences. These evidences and arguments are presented in front of an authority we call it magistrate / judge. Based on then decide the matter based on facts presented.

The courts order normally impact the parties but it is not necessary. For example the Delhi High Court’s order about Marital Rape is going to impact almost every married couple, even if they are not party in pursuit right now.

What is Family Court ?

Mostly Civil Matter fall into either general civil law or family law. Most of general civil disputes are dispute between people or organizations. And Family disputes like divorce, septation, Child Custody, Child adoption, Child Support, Domestic Violence etc are family disputes and categorized as family disputes.

Such family disputes are taken care by either a normal civil court or by a special Family Court. So we can say :

A family court is a civil court with the limitation of hearing the cases involving family Law. The governing Act of family court is Family Court Act.


Family Court Act

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