Today’s Ravan – Casual Misandry 09

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Today’s Ravan – Casual Misandry 09

Men Think about Sex Every few Seconds

Most people think that a men think about sex every seven second, which is more then 8000 times a day. But the fact is this believe is not supported by any research.  There are few research available from past, but these study relied on self-report (people are not good at assessing  information like this).  Previous research that examined actual numerical frequency has found daily sexual thought frequencies are not even in the double-digits. In addition, the research has not always consistently revealed gender differences in frequency of sexual thoughts. This is a far cry from what most people (and many psychologists) believe to be true.

Recent study tell us a average men have 19 sexy thoughts per day, means one every 1.26 hr. The study reveal that fact that men’s thought about food are not too far from sex. Men think about food 18 times a day.

So we can say men don’t just think about sex always.