Today’s Ravan – Casual Misandry 08

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Today’s Ravan – Casual Misandry 08

Boy’s Education is Less Important

Today most of Indian believe girl’s education is much more important then Men. And the best part is they even don’t know about their belief. Let me share one of my experience. One of my friend once said ‘Girl’s education should be free’. And best part is he was not able to tell why I should be responsible to the education of her kids ? If one demand everyone’s education must be free, I can agree on it, but if someone says girls education should be free. My question is very simple you earn same as me, they why I should share the burden of your kids education ?

Now a days a slogan is very popular that ‘Educate a Girl, Educate Family/Society’. Does that mean boys education is of no use for family or society ? If this is true how the country growing ? Fact is India earn its tax from men, womens share is less then 20%. Now if we are saying boy’s education is less important then girls, we are just making ourself fool.

Can we change this mind-set and provide suitable environment to boys for study.