Who Care for my Safety

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Who Care for My Safety

Sandeep Mehta

Just few days back India witnessed and incident in BHU. The incident was neither unique nor new. I hope you remember the news about girls safety in University.

Question is what is new in that, such demand is common and every few day in some part such demand rise. Is the demand wrong ? No I am not saying if demand is wrong, but the way such demand rise by media and women groups it looks like every Indian Male is nothing more then a monster. They are waiting in every corner for girls to come out and hunt them. Well the new about university and their demand remind me a scene from a movie.

‘NAAM SHABAANA’. No no i am not talking about any girl named Shabaana, but I am talking about a movie titled ‘Naam Shabaana’. In the same movie hero was killed by another boy on road. If someone not remembering let me describe the scene.

Hero is coming back after late night dinner. in the way 5 or 6 goon start commenting on girl. This continue for few second then the goons went away. Now the important is during these few seconds both hero and actress stay calm (if we ignore the look on actress face).  As soon as goon goes away the hero comment something and the actress reply when was time to speak u was silent (this looks like a provoking to do something). In the same bike riding both meet with same goon again and this time actress herself goes on violent fight (there was enough room to go away, even if goon try to stop them). Important is the hero try to stop actress but she goes on fight (she is a boxer) and finally hero jump into fight and get killed.

Ok now the points we can notice :

  • Hero is not interested in fight. He wanted to go away without fight.
  • Actress is more interested in fight and enter into unnecessary fight.
  • Hero try to jump into fight even he know the risk very well.

Now my answer for all doughs is ‘Men understand where the risk is’ and ‘Women don’t understand the risk’. Also one more thing to notice is men has habit to save women, even if he is aware of risk factor.

Here I am talking about the movie scene but the same apply on Indian Society too. I believe there is risk out for everyone without caring for Gender, but men know the risk and he also know how to handle the situation and he enjoy his freedom by staying away from risk. At the same time women not aware of risk and they wanted to enjoy freedom without staying away from risk.

I may be wrong, but if I am please explain how women is in more danger and don’t say every Indian men is monster.