We are losing a whole generation of young men

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We are Losing a Whole Generation of Young Men



One fine day of 1995, when I was in university, it was a normal day until I entered the computer Lab. When I came out of the lab I came out with a new interest in computer science. That was my first interaction with a computer. Although I was not from a computer background, during the year I was the only student who really learned computers. Rest of the students just did the copy & paste type of things. After that year for the next four years I was far from the computer. Then the golden period of my life begins. Yes, in 2000 I officially started learning computers. For the next 7 years I was in a in Job but that period was also a golden period of learning. For 7 year almost everyday I was learning something new in the field of computers. I was popular as a computer expert in between friends, sometimes people from computer background also came to ask for help. I developed a few best quality softwares. But why am I talking about that now ? What happened after that ?
As I said, that time period was a golden period for me from a learning point of view. It does not mean I didn’t learn after that but the only difference is after 2008-09 I was so busy with something that I rarely get time for new things. One can say if I didn’t learn new things after 2009 on the computer I may have learned something else. True but that new learning is not of much use for me even I would say that is destructive in nature.
For the next 7 to 8 years I spent time in the courts. Why ? Did I commit a crime ? No I didn’t but I was running from one to another court continuously for the next 7 year because my marriage didn’t work well. People can show their surprise how marriage is related to court, but here in India Failed Marriage is a big crime for Men. How ? A failed marriage means men have to fight a minimum of four cases including a few criminal cases. Why Criminal ? Marriage is civil and disputes should be civil but here in India failed marriage becomes a criminal offense and a man needs to spend many years in fighting criminal cases.
I am not alone. During last year 2016 more than 1 lakh cases registered under section IPC 498A and many more in other sections. These 1 lakh men will be in court continuously for the next many years before they prove their innocence. Many will commit suicide because of pressure. One can ask if all these men are innocent ? My answer is yes most of these men are innocent, history or at-least last decade tell us. Even if we just compare after Arnesh kumar and before Arnesh kumar judgment, it will be clear that to make a solid criminal case in which men get arrested, women start using other sections like IPC 376 & 377 with 498A. Why suddenly women start thinking 376 & 377 necessary with 498A ? Clearly it is because they misuse the section when there are less chances of 498A they start misusing 376 & 377. Every year more than 1 lakh men are falsely accused in gender biased cases. If one man comes out in 10 year at a time more than 10 lakh men falsely accused. 10 lakh may look like a small number but 10 lakh YOUNG & PRODUCTIVE men are wasting their golden time in unproductive work. Now this number 10 lakh looks big ?
The problem is that for many young men, false cases have become part of their life. They are forced to prove their innocence in a crime which they never committed. They are wasting their golden time unproductively. Yes they will prove their innocence in a couple of years but they will lose their productive years. And finally when they return to their normal life their productivity will be very less. I am a living example what I could do, I can’t do that now.