Today’s Ravan – Casual Misandry 05

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Today’s Ravan – Casual Misandry 05

Men have Fragile Egos

Indian Society believe man has fragile ego and he can’t handle a competing partner. Is this true ?

I am not talking about what happened 100 year back but if we look today’s society men look for educated and working partner. He is doing this because he lust for money ? Not really, he look for support but he find a best (sometime more educated and earning) partner who can support him when he need. Males may represent themselves as the strongest beings alive like they don’t care about a thing., but actually they also need support. Higher number of suiciding men prove the fact.

It is true that men has ego, but question is who is not having. Every human including women has ego. But Indian society don’t think if women has ego. The believe a higher earning wife can be a reason to hurt men’s ego and finally can damage relation.  But if we look deeply there are thousands of men who put their best effort to make the partner capable, but I still searching for a example where a women (rich women) marry with a poor men (let say a riksha-wala)

Can we change this mind-set ?