Today’s Ravan – Casual Misandry 04

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Today’s Ravan – Casual Misandry 04

Men can’t be Multitasking

Indian Society, not even Indian society but entire world believe men is not designed for multitasking. I agree upto some level, even scientists also agree. Scientists found women are better at multi-tasking but men are better at concentrating on a single task after they scanned the brains of 949 people.

But Indian society has taken this very seriously. They believe what a women can do a men never can do. We need to come out of mind set. Yes women can do a few things is little better way but men has his own kingdom, in which they are capable of doing their best. And most important is no-one is capable of doing best in everything even women can’t do.

क्या समाज इस रावण को मार पायेगा