I Let My Sister Study More Than Me So She Could Ruin My Family’s Life Just To Get Married

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Looking at the sunset through the lens of my Canon 350D at Adayar beach in Chennai, I couldn’t be any happier. I was finally doing what I really wanted to. Studying cinematography and getting one step closer to my dream. But the truth is I got lucky.

I belong to a middle class family based out of Faridabad. My father was a broker and our only source of bread-and-butter. My parents could afford the education of only one child so they wanted me to pursue further education as they didn’t want my sister to go ahead with hers. She was a brilliant student, she scored 93% in her CBSE boards. I knew that she wanted to become an engineer and I was convinced she deserved the education more than me.

So I gave up on my dreams of getting an MBA degree for my beloved sister. I convinced my parents to allow her to study further, they were reluctant but somehow they agreed one day. My … … … …

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