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The question is obvious because most of us familiar with NETWORK but never heard about MRA.

So what is MRA?

Unfortunately I am not here to tell about what is MRA. This is what you need to find yourself. What I am going to tell is about ‘MRA NETWORK or M-NET’.

MRA NETWORK or M-NET is a project started by MRA NETWORK TEAM (DAMAN & Men’s HUB Team) to develop a tool which can help us (MRA) to stay connected. The idea of M-NET is taken from unknown. Yes today I am not even able to tell who initially suggested about the idea. Few month ago a person called me and he suggested about 2 or 3 projects, one of them was something similar to M-NET. I said similar not exact, the exact form of M-NET is our team’s creation.

Initially when Mr. X (unknown person) discussed about M-NET the idea didn’t clicked, it was looking like an idea which can be nothing but wastage of time. The reason may be we were not having time and manpower at that time or it may be because Mr. X didn’t described properly.

Well I was telling about how the idea grow and took current shape. When we start thinking about M-NET the first thing we thought is how we can connect it with common men? Looking confused? Yes I know there is confusion about the targeted audience. We are talking about MRA and the project’s target audience is common citizens. So who is real target?

What we want is communication between MRA should common citizen. So the M-NET should be in a form which is useful for a common citizen. The first thing appear in mind is address-book for android mobile. Today a large number of Indian using smart phones and bigger share is Android. So if we develop something like address book application which can be used by a common citizen? The idea looks good but where is MRA in this tool?

Yes M-NET is nothing but a tool like address-book. The tool can be used by anyone on Android mobile. The application M-NET is having all-options like contacts, favorite, call logs etc available in any address-book, apart from that M-NET is having one extra tab which will be dedicated for MRA. Yes only one tab is for MRA rest of the tabs will be used by any-one like any other address-book.

The extra tab will be having four type of information.

Firstly it will provide a link to communicate with local MRA. For example if I am in Delhi, first part will show me the communication links with Delhi MRA and if I moved to Punjab the same will show Punjab’s MRA.

Secondly it will provide a small area in which broadcasted message can be seen. Yes if we wish to share something with most users without worrying about his locality, the area will be helpful. The same message will take place in notification too.

Thirdly a small area will be dedicated for local messages. Currently we are focusing on state level local messages. If I am in Delhi, my area will show me a message regarding local activities in Delhi.

Fourth area is similar to first area, this will be showing a way to communicate with all registered MRA irrespective of locality.

The first version will be having these functions only. Next version will be having more and more about MRA. In future M-NET also cover international MRA depending on the interest shown.

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